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    Roger Ebert Home

    Ebert Prime

    Ebert Prime is our VIP Balcony, open only to the most dedicated readers of RogerEbert.com. For years, we have brought you the best entertainment coverage in the industry, while maintaining the legacy and library of Roger Ebert. Now we want to offer you a more premium experience!

    Become an Ebert Prime member for the following exclusive benefits:

    • An ad-free experience. Get your content quicker with page delivery that ropes you off from advertisements.
    • A newsletter with highlights of our premium coverage curated by our A-list editors. Don’t miss a review, interview, or feature again.
    • Exclusive video clips from the Ebert archives. Miss hearing Roger give his take on a film? You don’t have to anymore!
    • Links to free movies to watch online hand-picked by our team.
    • Early and discounted tickets to Roger Ebert’s Film Festival, EbertFest in Champaign, IL.
    • VIP Ebert Prime reception that will take place during EbertFest!

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